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    the RODAM study
We are the RODAM consortium. We conduct high quality research in Europe and Africa to enable the development of novel and targeted treatment and health promotion strategies to effectively reduce cardiovascular disease and its risk factors in African populations worldwide.
The RODAM study assesses the health and wellbeing of Ghanaian residents in Ghana and Europe and follows them up over time. With this unique approach the RODAM study attempts to unravel the causes of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors among African migrants in Europe and non-migrants sub-Saharan Africa. 

Information on the first wave of data collection (2012-2015) can be found under baseline, and on the second wave under follow-up (2019-2021). Find the latest RODAM updates on our news page, view our recent publications on the publications page or find out health information material here.
The RODAM study was supported by the European Commission under the Framework Programme (Grant Number: 278901), 
 the European Research Council (Grant Number: 772244) and the Amsterdam UMC.