Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi (KNUST)

KNUST, Kumasi is Ghana’s second largest university established in 1952. It comprises 6 colleges and 24 faculties with 664 teaching staff. In the last decade research has become a major component of the university’s activities. The School of Medical Sciences has several faculties. KNUST, and more specifically the School of Public Health, has had a longstanding collaboration with AMC, and several partners on several areas of research. It has a network of cooperating regional hospitals as well as a large teaching hospital in Kumasi. KNUST is partner in many European research projects e.g. on Buruli ulcer, helminth infections and malaria. Within the EU funded FP6 project BURULICO, KNUST developed the structures required for case finding, appropriate specimen collection, laboratory confirmation, treatment of patients and data management.
The RODAM study was supported by the European Commission under the Framework Programme (Grant Number: 278901), 
 the European Research Council (Grant Number: 772244) and the Amsterdam UMC.