There are 5 sites for data collection: London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rural Ghana and Urban Ghana. At every location 1250 Ghanaian participants are included.


In Amsterdam and London presentations are given about the RODAM project in Ghanaian churches. The goal and methodology of RODAM are explained and people are encouraged to participate. In rural areas in Ghana RODAM is announced in each area on the day of the data collection.

Reaching the participants

In rural Ghana, jeeps are packed with supplies for performing the physical measurements in remote areas.


Socio-economic background, environmental factors, health related behaviour, dietary intake, psychosocial factors.

Physical examination

Anthropometrics, blood pressure, blood and urine samples (HbA1c, glucose, etc.), DNA.


Focus groups to gain insight into perceptions and knowledge regarding obesity and type II diabetes.
The RODAM study was supported by the European Commission under the Framework Programme (Grant Number: 278901), 
 the European Research Council (Grant Number: 772244) and the Amsterdam UMC.