PhD students RODAM

May 31, 2017

Four RODAM PhD students have submitted or even already successfully defended their PhD theses; Rachel Brathwaite, Raphael Baffour Awuah, Ernest Afrifa-Anane and Karlijn Meeks.Rachel defended her thesis:
"Differences in smoking by location of residence, ethnic groups and country of origin: the Ghanaian perspective in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe".
Raphael's thesis is entitled:
"Psychosocial factros and non-communiable diaseases among Ghanaians in Ghana and Ghanaian migrantsin selected European countries".
Ernest did his PhD on:
"Physical activity and cariovascular disease risk among rural and urban Ghanaians and Ghanaian migrants in selected European countries".
Karlijn will defend her thesis in the fall:
"Epidemiology and epigenetics of type 2 diabetes among African migrants in Europe".

We are delighted with this excellent achivement!

The RODAM study was supported by the European Commission under the Framework Programme (Grant Number: 278901), 
 the European Research Council (Grant Number: 772244) and the Amsterdam UMC.